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National Trust’s Uffington White Horse April Fool!

Posted on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

National Trust’s Uffington White Horse April Fool!

Did anybody catch you out this year?

Whilst we won’t tell you which member of the Waymark team fell for this, we’re loving the fact the National Trust used our very own White Horse Hill for this year’s April Fool!

It follows on from last years one with the Avebury Stone Circle.  They’d decided since daylight saving had been adopted in 1916, the stones were no longer accurate and needed to be moved in line with the clocks changing.  The hoax was made all the more believable by moving a huge fibreglass stone that had been found in a nearby barn and thought to be part of a film set!

This year told the tale of the little known war between horses and ducks with the uncovering of the so called Uffington Duck!  This new Bronze Age find was apparently uncovered using the latest geo scanning equipment and National Trust commentators Pat Trick Jo Oak did a fantastic piece to camera.  There was obvious tension between the two with Pat favouring ducks and Jo the horses.

It’s believed that the ducks and horses were local clans who were likely to be trading partners before, for whatever reason, the deal turned sour.  It’s likely that the horse tribe triumphed hence the duck was left to fade away.

The two went on to say that there are now plans to restore the duck so the two animals can be side by side.  The closing line really made us laugh as they hope to find a missing chalk sheep in the future!

Hats off to the National Trust for putting Uffington White Horse on the map and a smile on our faces.  I hope they now realise that we’ll be on the lookout next year!

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