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8 Top Tips For Your Moving Day

Posted on Tuesday, January 31, 2017

8 Top Tips For Your Moving Day

Moving house is supposed to be in the top three of most stressful things to do along with death and divorce.  When the whole contents of your home is being taken, placed in a box, put on a lorry and then unloaded at the other end it’s important to keep your cool.

When it comes to the big day, it helps to consider the following:

  1. Use a reputable or recommended removal company ideally one registered with the National Guild of Approved Removers and Storers.

  2. Always get more than one quote as prices can vary widely and check a minimum of three references.

  3. Remember, Friday is the most popular moving day, with the best removal firms booked up well in advance. If you can go for an ‘off-peak’ day during the week you stand a better chance of getting your first choice of firm and a little something knocked off the price.

  4. Even the best companies break things, so make sure you understand the level of protection provided and the claims process.

  5. Inventories and check lists are a really great help, along with a black marker pen for labelling up boxes.

  6. If you can, make up an ‘essential box’ to keep the important things with you.  This includes any medication, a small tool box, toilet roll, light bulbs, kettle and teabags.

  7. Pre-empt any move-in ‘challenges’ such as small door frames, narrow stairwells, restricted parking by having a pre-completion viewing and pass on any findings to your removal company.

  8. If you have young children or pets see if you can get a friend or family member to look after them as there’s already going to be enough distractions!

It’s going to be a long and occasionally challenging day but with a bit of up-front preparation, you’ll hopefully experience a smooth move.

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