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Top tips for selling your house in Winter

Posted on Monday, October 19, 2020

Top tips for selling your house in Winter

Top tips for selling your house in Winter…

The weather is changing and although we have been very fortunate throughout lockdown with months and months of warm weather, there is now with a chill in the air and winter is just around the corner.

With the market remaining very busy with many potential buyers on the scout for their next new home we thought we’d come up with a few pointers to help you show off your property in the best possible light.

Spruce up the Front.  We all understand the importance of a good first impression.  Keep drives and paths clear of weeds and leaves, if you have outside lighting then make sure they’re working and switched on for those dusk viewings and, apply a quick coat of paint to the front door if needed, all of which helps with that all important first impression.

Guttering.  Those leaves and moss have to go somewhere but make sure your guttering is clear once the leaves have dropped in late Autumn. If someone is viewing on a rainy day, we don’t want the sound of overflowing water putting them off.

Christmas prep.  There always seems to be a huge amount of extra rubbish and recycling so make sure that your rooms are as clear as possible and your bins not overflowing!  If it’s the run-up to Christmas, adopt a light touch with the decorations. Less can be good when it comes to tinsel!

Think Lighting.  The mood and feel of any property can be enhanced with the subtle use of lighting.  Warm lighting on a cold day can transform a room.  A good tip is to consider a table lamp in room instead of what can be harsher ceiling lights.

Mats & Carpets.  Have both an outdoor mat to wipe feet on and then a mat inside should viewers want/need to take off their shoes. Consider having carpets that take a lot of foot traffic professionally cleaned and treated.

Freshly brewed coffee and buy some freshly baked bread. Smell is one of our five senses and decisions can be formed instantaneously if triggered. Studies have shown that eight in ten people admit an aroma can make them happy, and fresh coffee was found to be the UK’s fifth favourite smell behind fresh bread, flowers, clean sheets and a cake baking in an oven.

These colder months can still be an ideal time to find a buyer.  If somebody has braved the elements to view, then let’s make them feel as welcome as possible.

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