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Managing & Creating the Perfect Home Working Space

Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Managing & Creating the Perfect Home Working Space

Working from home used to be code for taking it easy and was particularly useful after a late night or if you are taking delivery of a large item.  Today, in the age of the internet, it is so much easier to connect to the office and engage with clients and colleagues from any location.

The commute across the hallway from kitchen to study takes no time at all and is relatively stress-free.  Tea or coffee will not cost you £3.00 every time and the lunchtime options are plentiful and queue-free.  Being at home tends to allow for more creative working without being stifled or conscious of those around you.  You will also be doing your little bit for the environment with fewer car or train journeys.

The downside to this is that if everywhere is a potential office then there is the risk that nowhere feels like home.  Whilst working from home does definitely have its benefits, it is worth considering the following to make sure you maximise your time and workspace.

  1. Manage Your Time - Just because technology allows you to work 24 hours a day, set yourself clear work-time objectives, factoring in breaks and moments to stretch your legs and get away from the screen.  When planning your day, be clear on when the endpoint is and work towards it.
  1. Get Dressed - Working from home is not an excuse to slob about in pyjamas with daytime television on in the background.  It is also not the opportunity to have social calls, just because you are at home, it does not mean neighbours can drop in for a coffee.
  1. Create A Work Space - In an ideal world, your home working space will be a separate room be it a formal study, spare bedroom, loft or garage space.  Understanding that this is not always practicle, it is not unusual to find people working out of the corner of their bedroom or on the dining table.  If you do have a separate room, at the end of your working day, close the door and do not venture back into until the following day.  If your workspace is a bit more temporary, be sure you pack and clear everything away so you can reclaim your space for it permanent function.
  1. Daylight & Fresh Air - One of the advantages of being away from an office is access to natural light and not being in an air-conditioned environment.  So take advantage of not being under fluorescent tubes and when you take a break, take a couple of moments to step outside.
  1. Be Visible & Stay Connected - Working from home does not mean you become invisible so make sure colleagues can see that you are online and use emailing, messaging and on the telephone to stay in the loop.

Working from home should be a fun experience that helps creativity and productivity.  If it is time for you to find the next home that offers you a bit more working from home space, then take a look at the latest properties for sale available through Waymark.

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