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Making the Most of Your Garden This Summer

Posted on Monday, June 25, 2018

Making the Most of Your Garden This Summer

If you are on the market or staying put, now is the ideal time to make the most of the warm weather and tackle some of those outside and garden jobs.  As estate agents, we will occasionally make reference to “curbside appeal” and it is surprising what a few simple touches can do to make the outside of a property more appealing.

Along with the fragrant bonus of a just cut lawn, mowing the grass, tending to the borders and cutting a good clean edge around lawns, paving and paths can immediately give a garden a clean crisp finish.  Keeping the grass watered and fertilised will not only promote a healthy lawn but also help keep a rich dark pallet to contrast colourful flowers and hedges against.

Painting fences not only freshens them up but can also add variety of colour or continue a theme from the house to the outside.  If you are feeling particularly brave, how about giving your shed a new colour look!

Hanging baskets are a quick, easy and clever way of having some temporary foliage and flowers at a pleasing eye level.  They work well at entrance points, below balconies or either side of a feature window.  We tend to think that we have to fill the basket with pretty flowers but actually something more practical (and tasty!), such as strawberries, tomatoes or herbs work just as well.  Not only will you have a crop to harvest, you will always be greeted by a fresh, fragrant smell.

One of the favourites amongst gardens, is the versatility and flexibility that growing in pots offers.  The size and style of pots seems almost endless, as does the range of things that can be grown.  A quick poll of the Waymark office revealed that we have everything from Sweet Peas to potatoes!  And as part of this year’s Faringdon in Bloom, we have created our own window floral display which can be seen throughout the duration of the competition.

If your garden is a bit on the compact side, there is a little trick that can help.  Having your garden divided into distinct areas or having a selection of central features, means that we linger longer on each piece and it is this slight increase in time spent looking that actually gives the impression of more space.

We certainly notice in the summer months that gardens take on more importance and move up a buyers criteria when house hunting.  For us, one of the best perks of the job is seeing the fantastic range of garden ideas that the residents of Faringdon and beyond cultivate throughout the year.

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