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5 Reasons to Buy in Faringdon

  1. Historic Charm: Unique historical sites, including Faringdon Folly Tower and the Market Hall.
  2. Strong Community Spirit: Engaging local events such as the Faringdon Arts Festival and community markets.
  3. Local Amenities: Comprehensive shopping, dining options, and essential services.
  4. Outdoor Activities: Access to lovely parks, walking trails, and nearby Cotswold Water Park.
  5. Excellent Transport Links: Convenient access to Oxford, Swindon, and the M4 motorway.

Until 1974, Faringdon was part of Berkshire. When the boundaries were changed, this popular Vale of White Horse town was enclosed within Oxfordshire.

Extending to the River Thames in the north and the Ridgeway to the south, this large market town is now a hub for business enterprise and has a thriving community.

In 2004, Faringdon was the first town in South East England to be granted Fairtrade Town status and its business communities work hard to promote trade both regionally and nationally.

Steeped in history, Faringdon has never lost its rustic charm nor rural identity, whilst embracing modern life and technology. It has a fantastic selection of schools and colleges and its community college is deemed outstanding by Ofsted.

There are a great many events and places to visit in the area and Faringdon is home to the hugely popular White Horse Show, Faringdon House with its dyed pigeons and FollyFest to name a few.

A strong sense of community pervades in Faringdon and it has one of the most well managed community websites you will find anywhere. If you want to know what’s on, is the place to go.

The town itself is also home to a great selection of traditional shops, including a fantastic selection of pubs, hotels and eateries to enjoy. There’s also plenty of free parking available.

Tuesday is a bustling day in Faringdon as its market day. The market also makes room on the first Tuesday of every month for the Farmers Market which is always a popular addition.

Maintaining the convenience of great transport links, whilst keeping traffic levels low in built-up areas, Faringdon has benefitted hugely from the A420 bypass since it opened in 1979. It also has excellent bus services to Swindon, Oxford and Wantage, so residents and businesses can enjoy this rural country town, without suffering from transport and access problems.

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