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5 Reasons to Buy in Abingdon

  1. Rich Historical Heritage: Sites like Abingdon Abbey and annual events such as the Abingdon Fair.
  2. Riverside Living: Scenic parks and walking paths along the River Thames.
  3. Vibrant Town Centre: Independent shops, cafes, restaurants, and a weekly market.
  4. Excellent Schools: Renowned institutions like Abingdon School and the European School.
  5. Proximity to Oxford: Convenient transport links to Oxford and major roads like the A34.


Abingdon, situated on the banks of the River Thames in Oxfordshire, is one of England’s oldest towns, with a history stretching back over a thousand years. Known for its picturesque setting and rich historical heritage, Abingdon boasts a vibrant community and a wealth of amenities. The town is famous for the ruins of Abingdon Abbey, a Benedictine monastery that played a significant role in the town’s development during the Middle Ages. The Abbey Gardens, located on the site, offer a tranquil green space for residents and visitors alike.

The town centre is a blend of historical charm and modern convenience, featuring an array of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants. Abingdon’s weekly market, held in the Market Place, is a local tradition that continues to thrive, providing fresh produce and unique goods. The town also hosts several annual events, such as the Abingdon Air and Country Show and the Abingdon Fair, which draw visitors from across the region.

Education is a cornerstone of the community, with several well-regarded schools, including Abingdon School, an independent school with a long-standing reputation for academic excellence. The presence of the European School, catering to the children of employees of the European Space Agency in nearby Harwell, adds to the town’s educational diversity.

Abingdon’s riverside parks, such as Rye Farm Meadow and Abbey Meadows, offer scenic walking and cycling paths, as well as boating opportunities on the Thames. The town’s leisure facilities include the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre, which provides a wide range of sports and fitness activities.

With its excellent transport links, including bus services to Oxford and nearby towns, and proximity to major roads like the A34, Abingdon is conveniently located for commuters. Its rich history, vibrant community, and extensive amenities make Abingdon a highly attractive place to live.