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What to Consider When Downsizing

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What to Consider When Downsizing

Have you noticed that possessions expand to fill the space allowed?  You make that jump to a larger property, gain an extra bedroom or two, an extra reception room and even a double garage and yet soon manage to fill this extra space!

So what is it like when having been in the family home for 30 or 40 years, your family have flown the nest and you are left rattling around (and having to clean) rooms that are no longer used?

It can be an emotional wrench to leave a home that holds so many happy memories, however, there comes a time to consider downsizing and the team at Waymark understand the sensitivities around this important decision.

We have helped a number of clients make the most of their largest asset, turning it into a more manageable next property, perhaps moving to a more convenient location, releasing funds for retirement or helping children and grandchildren get onto the property ladder.

We have learnt a few good pointers for you to consider if your next move is to be to something smaller.

If you've lived in your property for some time, it may well not have all the latest mod cons but don't worry. Relax as you do not need to do anything.  Unmodernised properties are always in demand by buyers looking to refurbish to their own requirements.  If it's a little tired, it may be worth a lick of paint here and there to refresh it or cover a particularly bold colour that may not be to other people’s tastes but doesn't waste effort and money replacing the bathroom or kitchen as the chances are a new buyer will do just the same when they move in any way!

It’s amazing how much we can accumulate in five years, let alone a couple of decades!  The good news is that you can't take it all with you so it’s a great opportunity to pass on unwanted items or generate a few extra pennies.  Auction houses are always on the lookout for unusual or first time to market pieces.  Not only will a decluttered house photograph better, getting rid of unwanted items will help you plan your new space.

Not everybody retires to the country or a seaside town.  There are distinct advantages to maintaining your local support networks and sticking with the services that you know.  However, if you are off to pastures new, then consider that you may need a spare room or two to accommodate visitors.

A downsizing move for most is made with the intention that it’ll be the last move they make.  With this in mind, it’s worth taking your time and considering all the options. Good luck and remember we are here to help.

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