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7 Ways Buyers Can Help Themselves Secure Their Next Home

Buying a home is both exciting and terrifying, especially if you are a first-time buyer or have not moved in many years.  Your home is likely to be the biggest financial commitment you will ever make.  As such, there's a lot of room for error, and even small mistakes can be costly. We have put together some guidance on the...

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May 2017 - Waymark Property Update

We have just received the Land Registry information for prices paid for residential property in May 2017 across the whole of the Vale of the White Horse and we have analysed the data to provide you with an insight into what is happening with prices and volumes transacted in the region. As a headline summary, the trend continues to be small...

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RICS means that Professionalism and Integrity is in our DNA

For most of us, property is our largest single asset.  However, it is not just about the size and value of our property, it is the fact that it is our home.  When it comes to moving, it is the place that you entrust to a relative stranger hoping that they are going to represent you and your home in the best light possible. Given...

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Top Indicators For Knowing When It Is The Right Time To Move

Do you find yourself increasingly looking at property online or taking a look at the property section in the newspapers and for one brief moment, you entertain the idea of moving house?  But then ‘life’ gets in the way and all the reasons not to move kick in. It’s too stressful/expensive/time-consuming - delete where...

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Stages and Resources to Help You through The Planning Process

When starting out on a new project we thought most people would turn to the Internet so we Googled, “...UK planning application process…” and recoiled at the thought of working through the 26 million results returned in less than half a second! The main point to consider is the individual nature of planning.  Be it a...

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April 2017 - Waymark Property Update

We have just received the Land Registry information on property sales in  April 2017 so it is time for us to take our regular look at the data and provide you with an insight into what is happening in the Vale of the White Horse in relation to prices and volumes transacted. Following on from our Q1 2017 summary and looking at a year...

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